Are you an expat?

9 april 2024

Are you an expat? Do you play hockey? Then we are looking for you! As part of the activities surrounding the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 RHC will be organizing a hockey tournament for expats on Saturday June 7th, 2014.

Registration is possible for teams or individuals. The fee for a team of up to 12 players is € 900. This is an all-inclusive fee (hockey, lunch, music, 3-course diner, entertainment). Individual players pay € 75. Please forward this note to as many expats as possible.

The Expat Tournament will enhance the Hockey World Cup 2014 festivities and is an excellent opportunity to meet other expats and play together in the great team sport of hockey.

In the weeks prior to the tournament we will be offering the opportunity for the teams to practice on our new pitches. Following the tournament it will be possible to keep playing hockey by joining one of our ‘trim’ hockey teams.

Hockey playing expats are encouraged to register by:

[email protected]

phone: 06 – 20384684

Registration deadline: 7th May, 2014